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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 27

Luigi wasted no time. As soon as they were through the front door of his flat, he turned to Jason and started kissing him hard. His body was pressed against Jason's, and as he ground his hips against Jason's, the firmness of his erection was manifest. Luigi moved his mouth from Jason's and started kissing the line of his chin, on either side of his head. His tongue traced a line of heat up to his ear, and Jason felt a warm mouth and sharp teeth nibble his ear lobe. His own hard-on was by now supremely uncomfortable. He moved his hands from Luigi's bum which he'd been squeezing, and twisted the bar in one of Luigi's nipples, hard enough to hurt. Luigi gave a grunt, of pain or pleasure, or both, Jason didn't know, and then he bit Jason's earlobe. Jason laughed softly. It hurt, but that just increased his desire. He'd had a girlfriend once who done that, and the sudden sweet memory of their love filled his heart with a poignant warmth and an odd affection for the man he was about to fuck.
Come on,” Luigi whispered in his ear, his breath hot, the promise and lust in his voice fuelling Jason's own craving.

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