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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 28

Jason was tempted to tear the expensive shirt off Luigi's body. Instead, knowing how much it must have cost, he slowly unbuttoned it, and with each button he and Luigi kissed. Every few seconds, Jason's hand strayed to one of Luigi's nipples, and he rubbed or twisted the bar or the ring. Luigi's hand slipped past the waistband of Jason's jeans, warm against his stomach, and squeezed Jason's junk.
I want you to fuck me, straight boy.”
Yeah!” Jason's voice was gruff. At one level, he was amused by the rôle he was playing. But the awareness that it was a game, a piece of mutual fantasy both turned him on and made him feel closer to the other man. It suggested hidden vulnerabilities in Luigi, a whole history of encounters with straight blokes, where he never got the love he wanted, love which Jason was convinced everybody needed.
Condom?” he asked.
In silence Luigi gave him one from the bedside drawer. After Jason had put it on, Luigi slicked it up with lube, and kissed Jason again, then turned over and lay face down on the bed. Jason slid softly into him, his gentle manner contrasting with the silky steel of his cock. It was a tenderness and gradualness that Luigi had not expected.

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