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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 29

Jason started slowly, giving Luigi time to stretch and take him easily, but he wanted so much to just ride Luigi hard, to thrust into the body which lay beneath him, its androgynous contours and muscles deliciously both male and female, appealing to both the gay and the het in him. He felt very strongly that he was the dominant one here, that he was the man. He knew somewhere inside that this was silly. But it was part of the fantasy.
His pleasure built with each thrust, his cock gripped by a warm, intimate sheath. Each push brought him closer to climax. He'd pulled his wire in the shower that morning, and he was glad he had, because he wanted to prolong these exquisite sensations. It felt so good, so right. His experience with Brent and other men had taught how to angle himself so that he could rub the other bloke's prostate. Brent had loved it on the occasions when, after he'd fucked Jason, Jason had in turn done him, deep and slow and careful, bringing him to a hands-free climax. Jason was deliberate and unhurried about leading Luigi to slow orgasm despite his own urgent need to nail the other man to the sheets. He loved making his partner cum, whether he was fucking a man or a woman. His own pleasure was so much more intense when that happened.

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