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Friday, December 17, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 30

He felt Luigi cum, as Luigi's glutes tightened and his ring clamped round Jason's cock. His own climax a moment or two later was intense, almost painful, and he groaned in ecstasy. Luigi had remained silent all the while he'd been face down while Jason drove into him. Even his cumming had been entirely silent. As Jason deflated and withdrew, Luigi turned away and faced the wall.
Jason was filled with the warm emotions which always happened to him when he came. Yet there was melancholy too, for this was just a casual encounter. What he wanted was Brent, Brent next to him laughing and smiling, tracing patterns on his skin with his finger, intimate and loving in his post-coital happiness, Brent spent and languid, the lines of age or worry which had recently started appearing on his forehead and round his mouth and eyes magically smoothed away, Brent relaxed and floppy like a cat in the sun.
For a moment or two, his own thoughts stopped him from realising that Luigi was ominously silent. Jason turned towards the other man, and cuddled up against his back, only to be shrugged off. Jason tried again, and was again repulsed.

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