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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 31

What?” he demanded, his bitter-sweet mood switching to anger.
Just go.” Luigi's voice was rough, with no trace of the come-hither tone he'd used earlier.
What the fuck! What'd I do wrong?” Hurt increased Jason's fury.
Nothing.” Luigi still wouldn't look at him.
Jason grabbed him by the shoulder and pushed Luigi's body down so he could look at him. He was shocked to see the beautiful black eyes shiny with tears. The other man's distress made him tear up too. “What?” he cried, his voice cracking. “What'd I do? Did I hurt you?”

No, straight boy, you didn't.” Luigi's voice was hoarse. “Not yet anyway.”
What do you mean?”
Straight guys break your heart. They get all lovey-dovey and close, then the next thing you see them they've got a wife and two toddlers in tow and they pretend not to know you.”
Jason was a bit pissed off. He hadn't initiated this pick-up, and anyway everybody knew the rules. It was every man for himself. Now suddenly he was counsellor and friend and lover! They'd both wanted a fuck and they'd both got one. It had been good. Now it was over. That was the way it was.

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