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Monday, December 27, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 32

Luigi turned back towards the wall.
Jason was suddenly struck by the vulnerability of that boyish body, of the ribs curving just under the skin, of the naked buttocks and their cleft. There was a terrible pathos to Luigi's unguarded nudity; a tragic defencelessness about the thin neck and the so-carefully gelled and dyed hair, now tangled and dishevelled.
He remembered Brent's muscular manliness, his strength, the way he'd felt safe in Brent's arms, in Brent's orbit. How wrong he had been! Brent had needed his protection and support and at a key time, Jason hadn't been there for him.
He bent down again and gently kissed the back of Luigi's neck, tears in his eyes. Luigi didn't move or respond. Jason kissed each shoulder, and moved down the valley of Luigi's spine, kissing all the way, butterfly kisses of comfort and love. When he reached the other man's buttocks, he bit them each gently then raised one of Luigi's legs and started to kiss and lick his inner thigh. He continued moving his mouth up Luigi's taint, and then took him in his mouth. Cupping the other man's buttocks with his hands, he settled down to give Luigi the best head he'd ever had.

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