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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Majorca Flats -- 33

He could taste the jism from Luigi's previous orgasm. He could smell the slightly chemical strangeness of the lube, the rich odour of rectal mucus, the smells of a man's body after sex. His tongue and mouth moved over Luigi's cock. It was thicker and bigger than he'd expected, and once again, he felt shame at his assumption that Luigi was only half a man because he was so obviously gay. He'd unconsciously thought that a man with a big todger would be macho, even straight. Certainly not so gay as Luigi. He began to move his head up and down, trying to take the full length into his mouth. He gagged a bit as it swelled under his attentions. He manfully kept going. Luigi started to pant, and to make little inarticulate grunts and groans. Quicker than Jason had expected, he felt the sudden convulsive contractions in Luigi's cock and a surge of cum in his mouth. He swallowed it all, and kept the head of the cock in his mouth, licking it.
Unh!” Luigi pushed Jason's mouth away. “Too tender. Stop!”

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