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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Alan Turing

The shameful treatment of Alan Turing by the British establishment after WWII is not widely known.

Turing, a genius mathematician at Cambridge, helped break the German Enigma codes during the war, which some believe (and I have no doubt) were significant in the ultimate victory by the Allies.  In 1952, he was arrested by the police (oh!  how these Christians are filled with compassion and love!) for having a homosexual relationship, forced to take female hormones as part of chemical castration, and a year later killed  himself.  Not one of the British establishment lifted a finger to help him.  Churchill, who knew as well as anybody how much Turing had done for the war effort was silent.  Shameful.  Shameful and horrible and evil.  It makes my blood boil with rage -- and it's made worse by the fact that the racko rightists and the Christian-Fascists would gladly take us back to those horrible days.

I'm typing this on a machine his ideas help create.  I wonder if the religious rackos know that the computers they use owe their existence to a homo?


Panther said...

The British government apologised a few years ago for their threatment of Alan Turing.

Nigel said...

Indeed they did. Long after he'd killed himself. And only after a fierce campaign and a petition.