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Monday, January 24, 2011

Dark Haired Babe

This guy is so gorgeous.  And to add to his attraction, he's wearing a thong underneath his jeans.  They always showcase a man's (or a woman's) bum better than any other kind of underwear, provided there's something to show off about.

I love it that he's not too muscly; that his body hair is thick enough to brush with your hands, but not too thick; I love the curve of his eyebrows and their thickness; the faint flush to his face; his perfect neck column; the full sweet curve of his lips.

Sometimes there are some people, male or female, so beautiful that one is in awe.  I have no thought of knowing them or having sex with them.  Just an occasional glance will do me.  I know physical beauty is transitory, but then everything passes, not so?  Panta rhei, said the Greeks.  But they said it to remind us, because we keep on forgetting.

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