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Monday, January 17, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 46

Luigi was entranced. He'd been looking for friendship, he'd been looking for a friend. He'd been so lonely. The idea of a friend undid him. Cody could be his friend. He didn't need more. Just having a friend would change his whole life. Someone to trust, someone who trusted him, someone to confide in. Someone who didn't judge him because he was queeny, someone who cared for and about him. Someone who accepted.
A real man. A real man wanted to be his friend! Luigi wandered around in a daze of happiness. At last.
Luigi'd watched the other guys at school, when they teased each other or casually sauntered along the school walkways, shoulders brushing, confident in their maleness, secure in their affection for each other. Trying not to be noticed, he would sneak glances of two or three friends together and wish with all his heart that he too could be part of such a grouping.
But it had never happened.

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