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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 48

He avoided the café for a week. But, after all, it was his favourite watering hole, and their coffee was superb and their wines good but inexpensive. So the next Saturday, Luigi found himself sitting at the counter, a half-drunk coffee and the local freebie gay news sheet open in front of him. He felt someone take the place on the bench seat next to him, and he looked up and there was Cody. Cody looked at the news sheet and then at him, and smiled a little.
Haven't seen you around.”
Luigi didn't want to seem needy and desperate. “Nah,” he replied. But he couldn't help smiling.

Cody smiled back. He looked as if he wanted to say something, but then obviously and deliberately suppressed it. There was a silence which seemed to last forever. Then they both spoke simultaneously.
It's a good place.” “Can I get you a drink?”
They both stopped at the same time and then they both grinned in pure pleasure.
Yeah,” said Cody, “you can. I'll have Campari.”
A Campari, huh? What will your friends say?” Luigi was determined not to give the impression that he was a lonely loser. And he'd seen a look in Cody's blue-grey eyes, a look of desire and lust and liking which made him all at once confident and ridiculously happy.

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