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Friday, January 21, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 50

Luigi had never been as happy as he was with Cody. Their life soon a cosy intimacy and closeness that he revelled in. They were in love, and Luigi had never had that, never felt that level of belonging. They were indeed friends – and lovers too. Cody would often drop in to Luigi's flat on the way home. The front door would barely close behind him before they were kissing, and usually it ended with them making love. Sometimes they were so eager to fuck that they never even made it to the bed. And always, their sex ended with Cody holding Luigi in his arms and telling him how much he loved him, sealing their love with kisses quite different to the passionate lustful ones he used when they made love.

Yet there were, right from the beginning, small tokens that all wasn't right. Cody never invited Luigi to his own house. They always met in a pub or bar or club, or at Luigi's flat. There would be times when Cody couldn't or wouldn't answer his mobile, and he would get moody if quizzed about it. Luigi trusted completely. He only asked once or twice and he quickly learnt his lesson. After that, he would wait for Cody to call him when he couldn't raise him on his mobile.

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