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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 58

Jason wasn't due at work until 6 o'clock, and it was barely one p.m.. It was odd being picked up and having sex in the morning. It had always happened to him at parties before, so he would as often as not spend the night and have tea or coffee with his trick in the morning. Sometimes they would make love again, but often he (or perhaps the other bloke) had needed a few beers to be made attractive, and morning hair and morning breath just didn't cut it.
He couldn't stop thinking about Luigi. Now that he had had time to think, Luigi's sending him away had begun to seem courageous, even wise, if he believed Jason was straight. Why get entangled with someone who couldn't commit to you?
Jason was quite glad in a way. He himself wasn't ready to give his heart to anyone. He could not help thinking about Brent, about the love that he'd had, and he knew that nothing could ever replace it. No one could ever take Brent's place in his heart. All the same, when he remembered just how beautiful, just how hot Luigi was, he was torn. 

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