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Friday, February 4, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 59

Hares & Hyenas, Melbourne's premier GLBT bookshop
He caught the same number tram back to the stop where he'd boarded it, pleased that he managed to find his way round the city by himself. He decided to explore more of his suburb on foot, because he knew that was the best way to get the feel of a place. He found a gay bookshop and a gay second-hand bookshop and at the latter he bought some paperbacks. At a little café, he sat outside in the sun, and ordered bruschetta* with chopped tomato, and a caffè latte. He hadn't a lot of money, he knew that. And the meal cost him nearly an hour's pay. But he decided it was important to indulge himself occasionally. And sitting there under a giant parasol, with the passing traffic of people in various shapes and sizes and colours, sipping at his latte and enjoying the rich profusion of flavours and textures in the bruschetta : crisp savoury bread, sweet tomato, rich fresh onion, basil, olive oil and black pepper, he felt rich indeed, and for the first time since he'd seen Brent's body, for a few minutes the sharp teeth of grief and remorse stopped biting into him.

*pronounced, just in case you didn't know, broosKETTa.

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