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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 61

Keith and Jason had finished cleaning up the pub by half past eleven. Once again, Keith invited Jason to come with him to the café next door. It was empty except for Esmé and one overweight oldish man writing furiously on his laptop.
“”Lo, love,” said Keith and gave Esmé a kiss.
Hi, Esmé,” said Jason, amused at the ironic look she gave Keith.
Jason.” She smiled at him.
Jason noticed that Esmé's eyes were a wonderfully soft hazel, beautiful.
When you've finished staring, Jase, would you like a coffee?”
Jason grinned at her, embarrassed. “Sorry. I, I thought your eyes were a lovely colour.”
Esmé just raised her eyebrows quizzically, and a certain hardness edged into her expression.
I know, thought Jason, you don't get involved with gay men. Was it Keith, I wonder? He was amused at the irony of being rejected by Luigi because he was too straight and by Esmé because he was too gay.

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