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Monday, February 21, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 69

The number 1 tram ran down Swanston St, one of the main streets in the city, crossing the line he'd just got off, right next to the café where he'd had his coffee and croissant. It couldn't have been simpler. He had to ask a few times for directions, but people seemed happy to help, and he caught a few glances from both the men and the women, glances which said, you're nice, or I think you're cute. But Jason was in no mood to play these games. It was bad enough that he'd already had sex with a total stranger, and enjoyed it, and made all sorts of implicit promises, but he knew now what he wanted. Friendship, and no more. He had given his heart to Brent and he would never do anything like that again. Love was magical and perfect while it lasted but the grief when it ended was intolerable. Never again! he swore to himself. I'll never give my heart over to someone else’s keeping again. Never.
The sight of a young couple, obviously deeply in love, filled him with a piercing sorrow. I'll never have that again, he thought. And all at once a grief so deep it close to overwhelmed him filled his heart, and he had to peer out of the tram window to hide his face and his overflowing eyes.

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