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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 73

I'm Jason,” he said.
And I'm Graeme,” said the curly-haired bloke. “You're English, aren't you?”
Only been here 4 days.”
You studying or an immigrant or what?”
Just a temporary visitor. Six-months visa. But I'd like to stay if I could.”
Like half the world. Well, if you need help, I know some immigration lawyers.”
That would be handy. Give me your phone number, if you wouldn't mind.”
Nah. I'd be glad. I suppose you don't have a mobile, not having been here more than a few days.” He rooted around in his backpack until he found a notebook and pen.
No, I haven't got a mobile yet. But you can contact me at The Lord Grey. I have a job there.”
What did you do in England?”
Oh. I was a student at Oxford.”


Anonymous said...

I arrived here at this blog looking for news about chet baker and started to read it whole. I really enjoyed it, I am Brazilian and I understand little English. very little actually not so surprised this comment, I'm trying to learn English. but I can say that your blog is very cool and very smart to address the issue of bi desires. actually I do not believe in bi, gay or straight love. love is unexplained but may be clarified and that is enough, there is no exact name for the wishes and love of any human being and that is not understood in Where does the desire, as is the love? where do our human life. perhaps art can say something, but is merely an attempt to life.The rest is the time passes and life ends. the rest is live ... thanks for writing, hugs. and luck. Vin.

Nigel said...

Well, Vin, your English is much better than my Brazilian/Portuguese. I can read and speak some Spanish (Castilian) but though I can make sense of written Portuguese, I cannot understand the spoken language at all.

It seems to me (and it didn't always, so I have changed my mind on this!) that mankind is innately bisexual, but that culture and upbringing tilt us to one side or the other.

I know, also, that without love we wither and part of us dies. Alas, our society makes it only too easy for us not to be loved, except by our dogs.