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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 74

I always dreamed of going there,” said Graeme.
Jason felt uncomfortable. He was reminded of just how charmed his life had been, once. What he was going through now was payback. He could endure that. He would survive it. He must. He would.
What happened?” he asked.
Well, firstly I wasn't good enough and then I wasn't in any case rich enough which was just as well, because I met a bloke and we hit it off and I didn't want to leave him.”
What happened?”
He got sick.” Graeme looked away out over the bay, his face unreadable, but a pulse throbbed in his neck. “We were together till the end. Ten years of marriage, though the Christianists wouldn't call it that. They don't even believe that men can love each other.”
No,” replied Jason, turning away, his grief returning in full strength.
After a minute, Graeme asked, “Are you all right?”
Jason nodded. But he couldn't speak.
I'll go get us a coke. Nice iced coke. That'll be good.” And tactfully leaving Jason alone, Graeme rose and made his way to the café.

[Image from GayTwoGether]

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