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Monday, February 28, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 75

Graeme was away about ten or fifteen minutes and when he returned he was carrying two diet cokes and a packet of chips. The coke was icy, and it felt wonderful to drink it. The crisps were delicious, and they shared the packet between them in a companionable silence. Jason offered to pay, but Graeme refused point blank.
You're the visitor here,” he said.
He let Jason eat most of the chips. “I'll get fat if I eat too many,” he said, “but you won't have to worry!”
Oh, of course!” replied Jason ironically. “Of course you'll get fat, Mr Slim! And what makes you think I won't get fat?””
You're young. You probably do lots of sports – lemme guess, cricket, rugby, swimming, running? Am I right?”
You are.” Jason gave the other man a smile.
It's hard work, keeping myself from bloating. You know what the scene is like. You have to be young, slim, muscular and perfect.”
You're doing pretty well, then,” said Jason with a wink.
So what are you going to do while you're here in Oz?” Graeme ignored the flirting, but he smiled a little as he pretended not to hear the comment.
I dunno.” And it struck Jason suddenly that he could go and see all the sights: Sydney Harbour Bridge, at the least. But first he'd have to earn some money.

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