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Monday, February 28, 2011

My Sister Came Out

My Sister Came Out

My sister came out as a lezzie,
My brother came out as a queer,
Or so I assume, for he says he
Enjoys getting screwed in the rear.

Our parents were not very happy
When two kids came out in one day,
But Dad is a wonderful chap, he
Said, “Well, if you like it that way...”

Mom choked up: “I won’t be a granny!”
Dad said, “Our third kid may be straight.”

With our luck, he'll turn out a trannie,”
She sniffed. Dad replied, “Don't tempt Fate.”

That’s me, the third kid our dad mentioned.
I like girls, but I know what Mom means.
It’s useless to be well intentioned
If same-sex love runs in your genes.

From the great and wonderful Anel Viz

This was in response to a prompt from group GayFlashFic

1 comment:

C. Zampa said...

LOVE it! That is absolutely adorable!