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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nur Ein Gedanke

That means just a thought, and is the title of a blog post where this wonderful poem is quoted: 

Ich habe diesen Himmel mir nicht ausgesucht
den ewig hohen den unendlich blauen ....
(I have not searched out this sky, the eternal highs, the unending blues  .... )

It ends:
Ich bin nicht unter diesem Himmel
Ich bin nicht unter diesem Blau
Ich bin ein Stern wie alle dort hochfern
(I am not under this sky, I am not under this blue, I am a star like everything there high and far.)

Lovely.  (Apologies for mangling the translation)

It's from this intelligent erotic gay blog (like The Slab) called Balcon6.  I'm always humbled by how Europeans can often speak 3 or 4 languages fluently.  This bloke does English, French and German, fluently.

If you speak French or German, you'll enjoy his blog.  He often posts some quite lovely modern poems in those languages.

And isn't the image, also from that blog, marvellous?

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