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Saturday, March 19, 2011

50 Lengths

Today I swam 50 lengths of our local municipal pool, which is 1.25 kilometres, or 0.8 miles.  It took me 45 minutes, including pauses for breath at each end.  I aim to swim 1.6 kilometres eventually.  This is all part of the grand plan to lose weight, get fit, and become totally fab.  Or something.

I'm swimming much faster than I was when I started (was it just 2 weeks ago?)  And I'm not especially tired, though my back and shoulders ache a little.  And I've started swimming butterfly!  Two lengths, but I'm building up to swimming 1 length of crawl, 1 of breaststroke and 1 butterfly in rotation.  Sometimes I can't swim butterfly, because I'm sharing the lane with another swimmer.  But it's wonderfully vigorous.

After I'm finished I feel in a really good mood.  I was singing in the change room!

This is what my speedo looks like -- exactly this colour.  And now I can easily fit into a medium!  I bought it from Target (Oz's Target has nothing to do with the US's) for $15.  It's kinda sexy, I think.

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