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Monday, March 7, 2011

Josh Lanyon

Image by Pia Guerra, from this great website
Josh writes some very "slashy" male-to-male fiction.  By that I don't mean that his blokes are weepy ninnies -- rather the contrary in fact.   They're tough and strong but they have real feelings, and, when they get over their all-too-male inability to express their feelings and to let themselves feel,  they love deeply and satisfyingly.   Good reading if you like romantic m2m writing.

Josh from time to time publishes a snippet of his latest writing on his blog.  His gay L.A. private investigators and cops might be gay but they are in the very best tradition of the noir southern California hard-boiled investigators.

It was always a dame, wasn’t it? In the dime novels, it was always a dame.
A smart and sassy society dame smelling of gardenias, with a fox stole thrown over her bony shoulders, and a mouth that would make a French maid blink. In real life, the dames Rafferty met were of a different breed. They wore Vogue Pattern #7313 and lines of worry in their tired faces. They came to him in the hope that he could locate a missing son or daughter -- or straying husband.
There had been one society dame. Rafferty had helped her get back some letters, and her marriage to a Texas oil tycoon had gone right ahead as scheduled. Every now and then she threw some business his way. He could only think that Mrs. Charles Constable was somehow to blame for the very handsome and very nervous young man currently perched on the uncomfortable chair in front of Rafferty’s desk.
The chair squeaked as Brett Sheridan, of the Nob Hill Sheridans, gave another of those infinitesimal shifts like a bird on a cracking tree limb. Sheridan’s eyes--wide and green as the water in San Francisco Bay--met Rafferty’s and flicked away.
Yes, a very handsome young man. From that raven’s wing of soft dark hair that kept falling in his wide, long-lashed eyes, to the obstinate jut of his chiseled chin.
Not so young, but not so old either. Twenty six? Twenty seven maybe? Sheltered, most certainly. The Brett Sheridans of the world were always sheltered. Right up to the moment the world decided to puncture their bicycle tires. Still, a nice ride while it lasted.

Good, isn't it?  And you can read more here.


Josh Lanyon said...

Thanks for the rec, Nigel. Much appreciated.

Love the artwork!

Nigel said...

Great writing, a beaut image ... what more could you ask for? :-)