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Monday, March 7, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 82

Jason decided to tell Keith what he'd told Graeme about why he was here in Australia.
I'm sorry about last night …” he began, before Keith interrupted him.
“ …. no, it was my fault. I shouldn't have pushed you. I was wrong.”
No, you couldn't have known. Keith, I came to Australian to get away from something. I … I had a lover.” He had to stop for a moment to bring his voice under control. “He was killed.” He didn't tell the truth and he was ashamed that he hadn't. But he could not. The guilt, the grief, the loss were too great. He simply couldn't bring himself to say “he shot himself.” But naturally, Keith asked.
What happened?”
I can't talk about it. I'm sorry.” His tone and expression must have made what he said compelling because Keith didn't press him for more details. He rather had the impression that Keith didn't deal in subtleties and hints. He would ask and keep on asking till he was satisfied he knew all there was to know. “I couldn't stay in England. I had to leave.”
Keith nodded.
And Keith, about yesterday, look this guy picked me up. He … it wasn't … I didn't know him. He … um … well, we had sex … but … you see ...” By now Jason's face was scarlet. “You see …. I can't with someone I might like, see?”
Keith just smiled. “Yeah. I get it.”

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