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Friday, March 11, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 84

Yeah, right! Anyway, he's a fine one to talk!”
Oh?” Jason had learned to use just that tone when he was a prefect at his school, the kind of tone which asked a question and expected an answer, but left it up to the person being questioned just how much misbehaviour was revealed. He'd always found that more came out that way than if he asked a direct question. The expectant pause after the question was also very useful.
Keith coloured. “Yeah, well. We were an item for a while.”
Tom?” Jason was incredulous.
He's nicer than he seems,” said Keith defensively. “And he's a fantastic top.”
Jason just stared.
No need to look like that,” grumbled Keith. “While you're waiting around for the right man you might as well enjoy the men along the way.”
Enjoy?” Jason was trying not to laugh.
Yeah, OK, he's no painting. But he makes you feel special.”

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