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Friday, April 22, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 105

Actually I was still a student when I decided to come out to Australia.” That was another thing his parents would lecture him about. As well as him and Brent … Too bad. They'd be wasting their breath. Because that part of his life was over now. “When Brent …. died, I just couldn't take it any longer … I suppose I should write to my college, let them know. I'd just started the new term, so I suppose that's a write-off.”
Will you go back to finish your degree?”
For the first time since he'd come to Australia, Jason thought about going back to England. He thought about his parents' reaction, about how they would nag and pester him, about how they would try and get his trust fund money cut off so that they could force him to do what they wanted, which was to get married and have kids and “settle down” into a well-paid, glamorous job in the city.
No!” he said, and it came out louder and much more emphatically than he'd intended.

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