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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 119

Dear Gran,
As you see, your email arrived. I am so impressed! Underlining too! Next thing you'll be getting a pilot's licence. Oops! I shouldn't have said that, should I? I'll read about you in the paper, flying out to Oz in your single-engined Piper cub. Don't do it, gran! You might get arrested in Afghanistan or Iran. You know what's it's like there. Mind you, they might not quite realise what's hit them when you've finished with them!  And then I'll have to come and rescue you! 
As they say here, so placidly it's very funny: “it's a worry.” :-) That means a smile, by the way, gran, this ;-) means a wink, and this :_) is a lopsided grin. Now you know all about email 'smileys'!
Yes, you can give Amanda my email address, but please ask her to keep it from the others. I know I should give Mark my address too, but he was never really comfortable with me and Brent. I really do not want an email from mum or dad. It'll just be how ungrateful I am and how selfish and why can't I come home and go back to my studies and marry some nice girl. I just can't do it, gran. I feel so down and sad. I miss Brent so much. I miss you and Amanda too, but, just now, gran, I can't.
Yesterday I went to lunch with a famous author! You'll never guess who he is. Amantha Masterton! And yes she is a he, a very manly he too. Have you read any of her (his) books? He says he's a best seller, and certainly he obviously has money, judging by his house. He invited me to lunch because he lost his husband years ago and he felt sorry for me. Normally, when people feel sorry for me I get annoyed or embarrassed, but he was so unobtrusive and careful and discreet about it.
Give my love to Mr Minim. My landlady has a wonderful little fox terrier called Bolt ('cos that's what he does if you open the door!) and he seems to have decided I'm his best friend. I think I'll tell him about Mr Minim. Though explaining all the character traits and intricacies of that dog will be hard.
I love you, Gran. Write soon.

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