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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Hemp: The Most Nutritional Grain for Human Consumption

This intriguing article from Melbourne's The Age newspaper, about weed's cousin, hemp.

For those who don't know Oz, Nimbin and surrounds on the NSW north coast is well known for its counter-cultural lifestyle.

This snippet is particularly intriguing:

Kavasilas, who has been lobbying hard against the ban, reckons it's as irrational as the original prohibition against marijuana that was rushed through the US Congress in 1937 - seemingly to benefit industrialists producing cotton and synthetic fibres - and later adopted by most of the Western world. (Congressional hearings leading to the ban were told by the Federal Bureau of Narcotics that marijuana use caused ''insanity, criminality and death''. The same hearings were told by a Dr William C. Woodward, on behalf of the American Medical Association, that ''the [association] knows of no evidence that marijuana is a dangerous drug''.)

As an aside (how gay is that?), he's a good-looking bloke for someone of his age.

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