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Thursday, June 23, 2011

I never look at his face

Naah, never look at a guy's face.

Never looked at the "5 o'clock shadow" stubble that sends my hormones on a route march when his cheek rubs against mine.

Didn't notice the way the corners of his mouth twitch slightly when he'd been angry with me but was about to laugh.

The cute dimples on his face when he pulled that wide smile? Didn't know he had 'em.

At night when he's asleep and the lights from the city below are the only light, that he has a cute cupid's bow? Really? I must have been asleep.

The sharply-chiseled triangle of a nose that juts out from the face? Must have missed that. Certainly didn't jokingly call him "button nose" since people said guys with long dicks had small noses.

Never felt a thrill up my spine when he would check me out from the corner of his eyes after I made a snide remark.

Nor did I react when he pulled one eyebrow up questioningly in response to something that wasn't quite right.

Didn't ask what he was thinking when the eyes that normally sparked as they flicked across my features would go still and focus on some unseen object 500 metres away.

Can't remember him 36 years later.


[A short piece from my mate Horatio Nimier in response to a discussion at my Google group.  You can read Horatio's stories here, here and here]

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