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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Jockstrap and tights

Not sure quite why this bloke is wearing a jockstrap and tights as well as leg warmers.  Tights plus leg warmers would mean he was a dancer.  But dancers wear a dance belt -- a kind of padded thong -- to keep their doings from being crushed by their legs during dancing (and believe me, it's indispensable), not a jockstrap.  A jockstrap doesn't hold your junk quite firmly enough, especially if you're doing grands battements or grands jetés, not to mention that the straps across your buttocks spoil the "line", the beautiful form that a dancer hopes to achieve.

No reason at all why a runner couldn't wear leg warmers after running (they help stop cramp), though I've never seen one do so.

My dance teachers wouldn't allow us to wear leg warmers in class, as it hides the precise angle and turn-out of your legs and allows you to "cheat", and ballet is about precise line and precise placement and perfect positioning.

Never mind.  He looks very nice, whether he be a dancer or an athlete.

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