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Monday, June 6, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 127

He went back to the other two.
Jase mustn't be alone tonight,” he said to Luigi. “Wherdya live, mate?”
Ten minutes from here. We could take a taxi.”
Nah. At this time of night we'd have to call one. That'd take too long, and they often don't turn up at all. I'm just round the corner. We can take him there.”
Well,” said Luigi, hesitating. “I mean … Wouldn't he … aren't you his friend? I mean, should I come too?”
Yeah, sure. Of course. He told his story to both of us. We both need to be with him. The bed's big enough.” When Luigi still hesitated, Keith added impatiently, “Not for sex. He just needs someone to cuddle, someone to be with him when he wakes up. He mustn't be alone.”
Luigi nodded. “Right. Can we go? Don't you have stuff you have to do to close up?”
No. I cleared it with Tom. C'mon Jase, let's go home.”

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