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Monday, June 6, 2011

Tongue Kiss

Some blokes think only in terms of sex: every friendship, every relationship is seen through the sex filter. But, actually, sex can lead to warm feelings, to the development of love and affection.  Look at the love and affection in the expressions of these two guys.  Yes, the image is erotic.  But it's also romantic.  It's about love, of one kind or another, about the need to connect, to love and be loved.  Someone once said that a man approaches intimacy through sex, while a woman approaches sex through intimacy.  Well, maybe.  But there's some truth there.  A man open to love and affection might well find that it is sex which opens the door to his mind and his heart, while another guy, incapable of love, finds that sex is purely mechanical and that no contact is made or is possible.

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