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Monday, July 11, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 150

Keith pushed his chair back and went to stand at the window. “I didn't plan on havin' sex. I really meant it when I said it was for Jace, just for comfort, ya know, spendin' the night with him. I didn't want to ... you know ... and then it all sorta happened.”
OK, first off, you did tell us. Second, it was good. Third, there's a whole heap of stuff we can do which has pretty low risk...”
...but not zero...”
... nothing is risk-free, Keith. Nothing. You gonna be a monk till they find a cure?”
Don't talk to me about monks!” And Keith laughed abruptly and turned round to look at the others. “Buncha perves!” His brown eyes were sparkling with amusement or tears. All at once Jason felt how nice the other man was, and how much he liked him.
OK,” began Luigi, “lemme tell youse two something. Have you got time?”
Yeah,” said Keith. “I can go to work all crusty and unwashed. Some of the patrons like that!”
Talk about fuckin' perves!” Luigi, dismissively.
I dunno. It's sort of hot,” demurred Jason.
The corners of Keith's mouth curled.
Yuck!” was Luigi's comment.

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