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Friday, July 15, 2011

Naked Man Cartoons

The Naked Man Cartoon is published in Melbourne's The Age newspaper every week, without a caption.  Readers are invited to supply an amusing caption with the winner getting tickets to the Nova (arthouse cinema) in Lygon Street, while the now-captioned cartoon is published in the next week's edition.  The cartoons are created by Robert Gott and are not cut and paste jobs of 1930s cartoons from Punch or Bingo or Boys Own Stories, but are drawn by him from scratch.  I know because I recently bought a limited edition print of one (from a really great bookstore which is part of the defunct Borders empire here and is closing down, but that's another story.)

I found this one on line on the ABC's (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) website.  It's perfectly apposite to this blog and to our community.

Better keep your hands up Wyatt just in case - but it does look as if he's pleased to see us too!

Cartoon by Robert Gott. Caption by John Bartlett.

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