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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

An Ozzie Christmas Tale

In Oz, Christmas comes at midsummer.  But it can still be lonely.  Unless ....

He’d unzipped the top half of his leathers and taken off his boots when I returned. His torso was nice, not overdone, but muscular and trim. He had thick dark hair across his chest and a line trailing down between the zip edges to his groin. For the first time since I’d heard the news about Dave’s accident, I felt desire rise in me, and had to turn away quickly so that it wouldn’t show in my new Speedos. How grotesque! At my age – to be lusting after a twenty-five year old! And one of my staff, too! But then David had been fifteen years my junior. And it had always seemed absolutely right, us, our relationship.
Read the story here.

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