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Friday, August 12, 2011

Support for Saggy Pants

I'll never understand fashion.  I see the saggy pants phenomenon every day.  One day my lady and I were walking behind a slender young man wearing shiny red satin boxer shorts and his jeans so low they were just about to slide off.  We made bets with each other about how long they'd stay up.  He strode along, his buttocks moving a lot, his legs moving.  Yet ...  the jeans didn't slide off.  And as he climbed onto a tram, we saw why.  They were held up at the back --- with safety pins!  Now that seems a potentially very painful way to achieve sartorial elegance, no?

Anyway, these clever entrepreneurs have come up with a painless way to achieve the same thing:

Men who like to sag their jeans down low but fear they could end up around their ankles may be interested in new pants that snap to special boxer shorts for support and improved mobility.

The world is so deliciously bizarre and strange.

If I had any money, I'd get some, if only to offend the upright.

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