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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Footy, chapter 8

I've uploaded chapter 8 of my novel Footy to my website.

When they reached the waterfall two hours later, Tom pointed out the sheltered ledge where they would camp, and casting aside his backpack, threw off his clothes and leapt in the pool. Adam followed suit much more slowly, unable to keep his eyes off the white of the lace thong lying casually on top of Tom’s khaki cargo shorts and his Holeproof socks. 
He himself was wearing running shorts with a built-in inner brief, and even though he knew it would expose him to Tom’s teasing, he decided not to take them off. It was too late now to let Tom know what he felt. If he did, he might lose Tom’s friendship, and that was precious to him, and much, much better than nothing. And his cock was so treacherous – it was hard enough controlling what he said, without letting that little fucker give him away. 
But Tom said nothing, merely raising his eyebrows ironically, and Adam was able to steal furtive glances at his perfect body, without Tom seeing how it was affecting him.

Stefan Martin and Sam Fisher
Neither is gay, OK?

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