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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 191

When Luigi's phone rang and he saw that the number of the caller wasn't in his address book, he almost didn't answer, afraid that it might be Cody using someone else's phone. Ready to disconnect immediately, he put the phone to his ear.
Luigi? It's Jason! Yours is the first phone number I put in my phone. I went out and bought a phone. So I'm connected to the world! Well, to you and Keith anyway.”
At last. So old fashioned, Jace, not to have a phone. I mean … your admirers can't get in touch!” Luigi found himself smiling even though he knew Jason couldn't see it. “Whassup?”
Nothing much. I just feel … part of the world again. Thank you, Lou, for … you know … the other night.”
You'd do as much for me. You did as much.”
Yes, well.” Jason was embarrassed. “Anyway. So how about we get together some time?”
The Lord Grey is closed on Mondays. Are you working that night?”
I can switch with someone. Will Keith be there?”
Well, yeah … don't you want him to come along?”
Jason sounded worried.
Oh. No of course. I'd like him there. He's a top bloke.”
Jason lowered his voice. “Even if you end up topping him?”
Luigi laughed. “You dill. A top bloke means a good man, a nice man. Anyway, you shouldn't talk sex on the phone. It's illegal.”
I knew that.” Jason put on an Inspector Clouseau accent. “Illegal, huh? What undies are you wearing?”
A thong.”
Oh yeah! You were wearing one on our first time. Hot, hot, burning hot incandescent Lou, sex star, sex god. Even better than the Superman trunks.” Jason lowered his voice still more. “I want to slide it off you and reach round in front and give your prick ...”
Despite himself, Luigi was getting hard. “Jace, I'm on the street. And I ...”
“ … and then I want to ...”
Luigi laughed out loud again. “OK, OK, I get the picture. Jason, I'm closing this phone now. Behave!”
Luigi could hear Jason laughing at his end of the line. “I'll be in touch! You can't escape me, thong-man!”

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