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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 209

 “Some men, Ezz. And some men are fuckin' princes.” Keith was firm.
Well, I'm a princess. I need a prince.”
Jace and I will find one for ya. Handsome, kind, sexy, good in bed.”
How're you going to find that out.”
We'll sleep with him, 'course. Numpty!”
They were both grinning at each other by now, and Jason felt a little de trop. “I'd better go. I'm a bit tired.” He stood up and kissed Keith, and for the first time, Esmé. He stood for a moment holding her hands and then kissed her again. “Chin up! Hey, my grandma gets here on Friday. She's coming to stay at Majorca Flats with my landlady. You'll like her. I'll organise a party.”
As he left, he pulled out his mobile and started to text Luigi. Then he stopped and decided he would go and see him at his flat the next day.

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