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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Footy chapter 13

Heath Shaw, amazingly handsome and (as far as I know) straight.

I've just uploaded it to my website, here.

 Afterwards, they lay arm-in-arm, Adam’s head resting on Tom’s chest, listening to the regular, reassuring thump of Tom’s heart.

“Well, was it such a shock?” Adam didn’t look at Tom, but with his hand he stroked Tom’s arm and the sleek steel muscles of his stomach.

“Why would it be a shock?”

“Your first time with a bloke.”

“Oh, that.” The rumble of Tom’s laugh sounded subterranean in Adam’s ear. “When you’ve given your heart, what does your body matter? But if you must know, it was lovely. Can we do it again?”

They did, and went for a swim, after.

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