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Monday, November 14, 2011

Boardies vs Budgies

A perennial Ozzie debate, in another article from The Age.  

Some quotes from the piece:

Halle Berry's infamous swimsuit scene in Die Another Day sent jaws to the floor, but what was more surprising was the equal amount of attention paid to Daniel Craig when he strutted his buff stuff in a pair of tight, blue trunks in Casino Royale.
Referred to as a “Euro swimsuit” by those of us living outside of the perennially frisky and fun EU, men and women around the globe were in a tizz about just how well he managed to squeeze his fine form into but a cough of nylon and spandex. Most impressive, he helped make the boardie and budgie smuggler hybrid stylish again.

Then we have boardies. Longer styles are also a popular choice, but make sure they sit above the knee and aren't too boxy unless you want people thinking your mum picked them out for you.


One of the only upsides to our nation's crippling propensity towards developing skin cancer is that T-shirts are an acceptable and complimentary addition to this look. A blessing in disguise for those wanting to conceal the chunk.

Design-wise, board shorts emblazoned with the Australian flag are standard issue for English backpackers but give off a certain bogan vibe when worn by residents. National pride is one thing but thanks to the Cronulla riots the image has now been coopted by a xenophobic contingent who've ruined it for everyone else. So, either sport it with a horrific sunburn and British passport in hand, or have courage in what will most likely be perceived as your racist convictions.

Thanks the the article I discovered two unknown (to me) Ozzie swimwear manufacturers:  Mahjii and Tribe.  

Some pics

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