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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 236

Keith never got over how good it felt to have someone in him. He liked topping, and he liked sliding into a wet pussy, but the feeling of someone's cock sliding past his ring into his body felt perfect. It hadn't always. When he'd started on the streets, lots of men had hurt him as they fucked him. They hadn't cared about whether they hurt him or not, physically or emotionally. They hadn't bothered to sizzle him up so he was ready. They hadn't bothered to prep him first. His first sex encounters with men had mostly been painful or at best a chore. But quite a few of his clients had been married men, and often they wanted him to fuck them. And some of them had cared about him, and cuddled after sex, and some had been kind. Some of those who liked to top had wanted him to enjoy it too, and had made sure he was ready. Then Tom had entered his life. And Tom was a gourmet lover. He'd wanted Keith to be happy, to enjoy the sex, to have pleasure. With Tom was the first time Keith had had an hands-free orgasm. Tom had warmed him up, caressed and cuddled him, kissed him and held him close, and when Tom had entered him, it had felt wonderfully right and incredibly hot. And the way Tom angled himself inside Keith had given Keith an orgasm he'd never forgotten. Even now, a few years later, thinking about it turned him on.

Episodes 1 to 500 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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