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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 239

At first Luigi slept deeply, satiated by the love-making. He'd drifted off to sleep filled with contentment. He was with friends. He was loved. It might not be Mr Right, but in some ways it was better. Keith and Jason were fond of him as well as desiring him. It suggested a kind of permanence: even if they fell out of lust, they would still be his friends. And that filled his heart with warmth.
But then he started to dream, a bad dream, about Cody. He dreamt that Cody was in trouble, that he was in the clutch of someone evil, that he was in pain. There was nothing concrete about the dream. When he awoke he could remember only absurdities—Cody dressed in a clown's garments, dancing on stage; Cody riding a bicycle nude; Cody looking for his passport and finding it on the road. Bizarre nightmarish images, which made him toss and turn. At last, he got up to wee, carefully sliding out from under Keith's arms and legs which were wrapped around him.
He went through to the toilet and after urinating, drank from the tap. He turned to go back to bed, when he heard his phone ring. Christ! He didn't want to wake the others. Who the hell was it? It must be four o'clock in the morning at least. He ran through to the bedroom and started scrabbling through the pile of clothes looking for his shorts. By the time he found his mobile, the other two were shifting uneasily under the sheet.
He didn't recognise the number on the phone's display. But since he was now wide awake, and since it might be an emergency, he would take it.
He walked into the lounge-room and stood naked at the window, the phone to his ear.

Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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