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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Majorca Flats -- 260

 “I'm fucked, amn't I? If I tell, that's the end of my marriage. If I don't then I'm never going to be safe.” Cody scrubbed his face vigorously.
I'll come with you to the police,” offered Michael. Luigi wondered why he was doing so much for Cody. He'd done his Good Samaritan impression when he'd picked up Cody and brought him home. What was he bothering for? “It's just that I know the local policeman. He plays with me in the Mt Macedon cricket team and with the Macedon Cats. He's a good bloke. He'll take the report. I'll stay with you. But if you want, I can ask my dad for help.”
How can he help?”
He's a lawyer. Company law, but he'll have people in his firm who'll be able to defend you.”
I can't afford that.” Cody shook his head. “It's my own fault. If I didn't go … whoring … I'd not be in trouble now.” His self-contempt burnt.

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Episodes 1 to 220 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter)

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