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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Back from Noz

I've been back from my holiday for over a week now, and apart from the fact that I have to catch up with all the work which piled up for me while I was away, I feel as if I've never been away.

We stayed with my brother-, sister- and mother-in-law in Tauranga and Athenree.  This part of Noz, though it's as far south as Melbourne, has a clement climate, so warm and mild that in the garden of the cottage at Athenree, there was a paw-paw tree, an avocado tree, a plum tree (laden with plums), and a fig tree.  Tauranga and Athenree are both on a 60 kilometer long lagoon/estuary, and beyond the coastal dune system there is a surprisingly warm sea.

We had a wonderful holiday.  And now we're back at the grind.  Sigh.

We spread our towels under this massive tree, a pohutakawa 

Island off the coast at Waihi beach

Waihi Beach looking north

Athenree estuary near holiday cottage (little spikes in the mud are baby  mangroves)

Athenree estuary looking inland towards mountain range

Athenree estuary at twilight

Near Athenree

By the way, just in case you were wondering -- I didn't take these pics!

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