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Thursday, March 1, 2012


The Vickers VC-10. So elegant, form and function intertwined.

It was designed to take off from shorter runways than the Boeing 707. It was immensely popular with passengers because it was so quiet. And (personal note) I used to see it regularly at Lusaka airport, where the runway was long enough for the VC-10 but not the 707. The plane was flown by British United Airways, which became British Caledonian which was eventually swallowed up by British Airways, the successor to B.O.A.C.

The airport was always a place of romance and excitement for me.  A place where I could imagine a world far away from Mopani and Jacaranda trees, Bougainvillea and bignonia creepers,  and misery at school.  I remember that they had no terminal buildings like we have now.  Just some Nissen huts made of corrugated iron, covered with Bougainvilleas, and an outdoor beer garden right next to the planes, so close you could see the rivets holding the sheets of metal to the frame.   Minimal security.

Not everything has changed for the better.

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