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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Majorca Flats & Other Stuff

50 Shades of Grey
As you will no doubt have noticed, I haven't posted any Majorca Flats episodes for a while.  Ther've been lots of reasons.  I've been tired; I've been very busy with "real life" work (which pays the mortgage and all the other bills); I've been in pain (my back, my knees, my feet); I've been down.

Well, not that much has changed.  But I do feel better.  And this article about an e-author who's made good (as regards riches, if not fame) has encouraged me to go back to my writing.  You never know ....

Meanwhile, the hump of  the  RL work has passed and I have more spare time.  And I have found a way to start running again, despite my knees and ankles and feet.  Of which, more later.

So .... deep breath .... you can expect an MF episode every day for the next week at least.  Starting today!

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