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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ol' fart

Thoughts upon passing a young fellow sipping his Latte at a Starbucks coffee shop:

Go ahead, smirk to yourself.
Not so long ago I sat
Just like you are doing now
With my legs spread in my snug Levi’s
Showing off my assets
Smirking when I saw desire in an ol’ fart’s face
Just like you’re doing now.

But time will wipe away your smirk
Your flat six pack will begin to bulge
And your nimble knees will stiffen
Just like mine are doing now.
Before you know it you’ll be an ol’ fart, too,
Resenting the smirk on a young fellow’s face
Just like I am doing now.

This poem is by J W Smith who's had a story published in Wilde Oats, and has many stories and novels at Crvboy.

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