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Tuesday, June 26, 2012


These days I get bronchitis every time I have a cold.  For those lucky enough not to get this debilitating condition, it's a bacterial infection in your lungs ("bronchi", the tubes inside your lungs) and it involves lots of coughing up disgusting phlegm and feeling as if you have a fever which you do, in your lungs at least.  In order not to cough myself silly I have to take cough mixture, and the only kind which works sends me to sleep.  Goddess, listen to me grumble!  Anyone would think I was a dotard!

Anyway, maybe I'll be better tomorrow.  Till then, this pic will tickle your fancy.  As it were.

I think the image is rather cute as well as erotic.  The one bloke smiling with pleasure as he brings his mate to orgasm.  Taking pleasure in another's pleasure: it's love, of a kind.  And far better than the alternative.

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