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Monday, March 11, 2013


I've been taking drawing classes for a couple of months now.  I did learn to paint from the guy I'm now taking my classes with, but I always felt that drawing was the foundation of good painting and I never felt that I could draw at all well.  I wanted to be able to draw in cafes and while waiting at train stations, and I wanted to illustrate my tales.

This is my first "cartoon-style" drawing and also the first drawing I'm willing to share (the others .... no .... best consigned to the outer darkness)  I was inspired by this artist, and I copied one of her drawings (hope she won't mind!).  I'm also learning how to get best results using a scanner.  I haven't got that quite right.   We'll see; I am progressing.   Slowly!


Hunter said...

I've always found drawing and painting to be fundamentally different -- I am much more fluent with brush than with pen or pencil. I've been trying (somewhat sporadically) to get my drawing back into shape lately, but from the looks of this one, you're miles ahead of me.

Practice, practice, practice!

Nikolaos said...

Yes, the techniques are very different. I'm enjoying learning all about them. And I now draw every day. Will share a new drawing shortly.